Celebrity Fueds

Why Felicity Huffman's Enviable Marriage to William H. Macy Makes the College Admissions Scandal Even More Disappointing

[ad_1] For more than 30 years, you could count on William H. Macy to be by Felicity Huffman's side. And you can still count on that. It's just that she needs his support in court these... [ad_2] Source link
Celebrity Fueds

Best Waterproof Mascaras–Ranked

[ad_1] You know what they say: Don't get between a girl and her mascara. If you're a makeup girl, you know what we mean--the length and volume of your lashes is everything. And while... [ad_2] Source link

Miley Cyrus Tears Up While Honoring Janice Freeman at Memorial Service

Rachel Bilson Returns to Fox as the Bride in a Wedding-Centered Pilot


Al Sharpton Says NFL's Demands Were 'Insulting,' Kaepernick Handled It Right

[ad_1] Al Sharpton thinks people need to BACK OFF Colin Kaepernick and direct their anger at the NFL -- claiming it's the LEAGUE that bungled Saturday's workout ... not the QB. "I think Kaepernick handled it right," Sharpton tells TMZ Sports ... "To have… [ad_2] Source link

Elliott from 'E.T.' Cut a Sweet Plea Deal in His DUI Case

[ad_1] Elliott from 'E.T.' got one helluva plea deal in his DUI case despite putting himself in serious danger ... although the deal does come with strings attached. Henry Thomas pled no contest to driving under the influence and reckless driving… [ad_2] Source link

Kim K, Kanye & Joel Osteen Met Rodney Reed's Bro After Execution Stay

[ad_1] Kim Kardashian followed up her visit with Rodney Reed by coming face-to-face with his brother ... and then introducing him to the biggest stars in Houston. The death row inmate's brother, Rodrick Reed, tells TMZ he got to meet Kim, Kanye and even… [ad_2] Source link

Taylor Swift Can Perform 'Shake It Off' at AMAs But She May Pass

[ad_1] Taylor Swift's battle with her old record label, Big Machine, over her performance at the AMAs should be over, but it's not, and the big question ... why is she still reluctant to sing her old songs? Taylor has been angry at Big Machine and Scooter… [ad_2] Source link

Simple Minds Singer Jim Kerr 'Memba Him?!

[ad_1] Scottish singer and songwriter Jim Kerr was in his mid-20s when he shot to stardom as the singer of the '80s rock band, Simple Minds .... who most notably dropped the stellar single "Don't You (Forget About Me)" from the angsty teen movie, "The… [ad_2] Source link

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